Innovation in Learning

Training courses with easy access for upgrading skills
Continuing education programs are being offered to professionals and care givers in the long-term care environment to promote better leadership, resident-centred care, and quality of life for residents.

Schlegel CLRI activities:

Living classrooms for real-time learning in long-term care homes
The Living Classroom is an educational program offered in a mentoring long-term care environment where students are intentionally exposed to and immersed in a specifically designed gerontological curriculum to develop and master care collaboration, knowledge, skills and behaviours in seniors care.

Schlegel CLRI activities:

  • Evaluating the Living Classroom model to determine its impact on both students and residents.
  • Establishing a new Living Classroom at Ontario’s first purpose-built teaching long-term care home on the University of Waterloo’s north campus, to open in late 2015. Learn more about the Centre of Excellence for Innovation in Aging.
  • Developing and disseminating a Living Classroom Implementation Guide so that other homes and colleges can establish Living Classrooms and expand this innovative educational program. Coming soon!

Preparation for careers working with older adults
In addition to the Living Classroom program, gerontology content and inter-professional principles are being incorporated into college curriculum to further enhance training for future caregivers (Personal Support Workers (PSW), Practical Nurses (PN)).

Schlegel CLRI activities:

  • Exploring innovative methods for integrated learning that involve residents and team members in long-term care.
  • A new PSW certificate program has been developed in partnership with Conestoga College that is tailored to seniors care and focuses on inter-professional practice and person-centred care. The program is being delivered in two ways:  (a) in a College campus environment and; (b) in a Living Classroom that engages residents in the teaching and learning process as presenters, discussants, standardized patients, and experts.  The program is being evaluated.
  • The PSW to PN Bridging program has been enhanced with gerontological content, in partnership with Conestoga College, and expanded to support distance learning and part-time studies for those students already studying.


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