Oral Health Care Webinar Series

The Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario developed a 12-part webinar series on various oral health care skills for long-term care care providers, including Denture Care, Infection Control, Halitosis, Xerostomia, Stroke, Dementia, and Diabetes. This series is available as a resource through the Schlegel CLRI.

Series 1 – Denture Care

Series 2 – Tools of the Trade

Series 3 – Oral Health Assessment Tool

Series 4 – Basic Oral Care

Series 5 – The 2-Toothbrush Technique

Series 6 – Infection Control

Series 7 – Completing the Oral Hygiene Care Plan

Series 8 – Halitosis

Series 9 – Oral Health and Palliative Care

Series 10 – Oral Health and Stroke

Series 11 – Xerostomia Dry Mouth

Series 12 – Oral Health and Dementia

Series 13 – Oral Health and Diabetes