Spirituality & Aging

This program area promotes research and education in the field of spirituality that will benefit the lives of current and incoming residents and staff in retirement and long-term care. The goal is to provide spiritual care programs that will support the diverse needs of the growing aging population.

Spirituality-and-AgingPractical Applications

    • Providing education to professionals and the general public about various elements of spiritual care for seniors.
    • Identifying and implementing spiritual practices that may assist in older adults’ transition into continuing care facilities.
    • Compiling a user-friendly, multi-faith manual of spiritual practices, prayers, sacred texts and rituals.
    • Delivering seminars for professionals and the general public to educate about “Spiritual Care for Seniors”.

Project Highlights

      • Exploring the relationship between belonging to a group and how it may affect health.
      • Understanding the impact of “forgiveness” on psychological (e.g. stress, anger, etc.) and physical (e.g. medication usage, blood pressure, etc.) health.
      • Using the labyrinth to enhance spiritual care programs in retirement and long-term care.
      • Investigating the role of reminiscence on overall health and well-being.
      • Exploring the use of music in spiritual care for older adults.
      • Understand how older adults experience their spirituality when transitioning to retirement or long-term care.


Theme Leader
Jane Kuepfer, Schlegel Specialist in Spirituality and Aging, Conrad Grebel University College

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