Agriculture for Healthy Aging Infographics

Infographic Promo

Eating Ontario-grown foods is a great way to promote health as you age. This series of infographics  highlights the health benefits of apples, beans, berries, eggs, and soybeans, and provides easy tips to make these nutrient-rich foods a staple in your diet.

These resources were created by a research team in our Agri-food for Healthy Aging program led by Alison Duncan, PhD, RD (Professor, University of Guelph) including Hilary Dunn (A-HA Program Manager), Katarina Doma (MSc Student, University of Guelph), and Sydney Withers (Undergraduate Student, University of Guelph).

This project is supported by Agri-Food and Rural Link, the hub for knowledge translation and transfer for the OMAFRA-University of Guelph Partnership.