Media - Feb 2010

ICAA Functional U Newsletter: Get Fit For Space Program

February 12, 2010

Kitchener, ON – Another result of the successful Get Fit for Space program, the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) included an article on the success of the program in their January-February newsletter, Functional U (pgs 15/16).

Other programs that were awarded the “Innovator Awards” were profiled as well. All of the award-winning agencies (including the RIA), presented their programs at the ICAA conference in Orlando, Florida this past December and this article is a follow up to that presentation.

There will be an in-depth article about the Get Fit For Space program in the ICAA journal, so please stay tuned to the RIA website for details.

The ICAA was founded in the belief that unifying the efforts of the organizations focused on older adults benefits both the people that they reach and the organizations themselves. Today, the vision is shared by over 8,200 organizations connected to the ICAA network.

Whether retirement community, seniors centre or fitness club, all ICAA members share a common interest in reaching older adults with active-aging messages, facilities, programs and guidance. The ICAA supports these professionals and organizations with education, information, resources and tools so they can achieve optimal success with this market.