Move More: Changing the Culture of Activity in Retirement and Long-Term Care

What is Move More? Puzzle Move More

Move More is an evidence-based initiative that aims to reduce the time spent sitting and promote physical activity of any kind throughout the day. It was developed by the RIA and Schlegel Villages in 2014.

To increase overall activity levels for residents in long-term care and retirement homes, Move More:

  • Increases awareness and knowledge about the benefits of moving more throughout the day – outside of exercise time,
  • Provides tools to help team members and family members provide opportunities for residents to Move More,
  • Provides resources to encourage residents themselves to Move More and help them to encourage other residents.


Why is Move More important?

More More 2Most people know that exercise is good for health, but many aren’t aware that even simple movement throughout the day can help older adults maintain independence, manage symptoms of some chronic conditions, improve sleep and help them feel better.

Today, there is substantial evidence showing that even light activities such as household chores, light walking, folding laundry, gardening, and even standing has health benefits compared to sitting. A recent systematic review found that, specifically for older adults, spending a lot of time sitting during the day can reduce one’s lifespan (Rezende et al., 2014).

Older adults living in retirement or long-term care often move less during the day because many activities of daily living are done for them. Added to this, many older adults and care partners have the misperception that sitting is better than moving because it’s less likely to result in a fall. All of these factors help to explain why older adults are the most sedentary age group in our society (Dunlop et al., 2014).


Where is Move More taking place and what does it involve?

Folding laundry

Move More was launched in the Schlegel Villages in June 2016. Over 40 Move More Coaches, most of whom are direct support team members, are working very hard to help get residents in all 16 villages moving more! Some of the strategies they are using to keep residents moving include:

  • Playing music and dancing in the neighbourhoods
  • Involving residents in daily life in the village (e.g. folding laundry, helping to set up for events)
  • Breaking up sitting time during recreation programs or religious services
  • Having residents count their daily steps using a pedometer
  • Holding walking challenges between villages

We are excited by the changes that have happened in the villages so far as a result of Move More and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

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Check out the 2018 Move More Summary and Final Evaluation Report 

For more information on Move More, contact Lora Bruyn-Martin (; 519-998-3696).