Innovation Summit

RIA and Schlegel Villages are excited to be hosting our fourth annual Innovation Summit for our team members and partners. Part of this event includes the Innovator’s Den which is open to any and all vendors who have an innovative idea to improve quality of life for older adults! 

Participate in the Innovator’s Den!

In the Innovator’s Den vendors have an opportunity to “pitch” their innovative solutions or products to over 200 people from long-term care and retirement living. Vendors will also have an opportunity to get feedback on their solutions or products.

Last year 3 vendors had 5 minutes to pitch their solution or product after which 3 panelists had an opportunity to ask questions. Audience members then voted for their favourite solution or product. We anticipate a similar format this year.

The benefits of participating include exposure to a number of direct care and leadership team members of Schlegel Villages as well as external representatives from the long-term care and retirement industry. There may also be an opportunity to test your product within a Schlegel Village.

If you are interested in applying to participate in the Innovator’s Den at the 2018 Innovation Summit please complete this form and submit it to Lora Bruyn Martin at before 5pm on Friday April 13, 2018.