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As a charitable, non-profit foundation, the RIA links research, training and practice to enhance care and quality of life for seniors.

The RIA is a product of the philanthropic spirit and vision of Dr. Ron Schlegel, whose family has been providing long-term care to Ontario residents since the 1950′s. Owner and operator of eleven retirement and long-term care homes across Ontario – Schlegel Villages – he committed more than $6 Million to develop and launch the Institute in 2005 – $4 Million of which went to the first four Schlegel Research Chairs, and $200,000 per year for 10 years to RIA infrastructure. RIA finances continue to be supported by grants, contracts, and other donations.

RIA’s primary research partner is the University of Waterloo, with 4 Schlegel Research Chairs in Geriatric Medicine (George Heckman), Geriatric Pharmacotherapy (Carlos Rojas-Fernandez), Vascular Aging and Brain Health (Rich Hughson) and Nutrition and Aging (Heather Keller). RIA’s primary practice development partner is Conestoga College, with a CIHR/Schlegel Industrial Research Chair in Seniors Care for Colleges (Veronique Boscart). RIA collaborates with a number of other of other universities, colleges, research institutes and networks. To learn more, visit our Partnerships page.

RIA takes its responsibility to support the conduct of research seriously, but equally as important is the responsibility to ensure that the outcomes are used to inform programs, to be integrated into training, and to influence practice and policy.

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