Research Highlights

The Research Institute for Aging (RIA) was the primary sponsor of a unique international “Aging in Space” symposium in mid-June that brought leading researchers from around the world together to discuss what can be learned from the effects of space travel on the human body in relation to aging h...
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News & Events

Registration for the upcoming Whitby, ON delivery of the Excellence in Resident Centred Care (ERCC) Train-the-Trainer Course is now open.
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Schlegel Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care

There is a need for innovation in the long-term care sector and the Schlegel CLRI aims to catalyze system transformation through research-informed practice change and innovation in workforce preparedness.    
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Schlegel Villages - Centre of Excellence for Innovation in Aging

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Innovations for An Aging World. Changing demographics are putting increasing pressure on health care costs and funding for the health care system to the point that it will not be sustainable for the future. The answers lie in innovation and leadership.